Ready-made jewelry.

Beside creating made-to-order custom jewelry, I’m also a distributor for a number of highly-reputable manufacturers that offer premium-quality, ready-made pieces.

Massive selection.

One of the companies I work with is Stuller Inc. They’ve been in business for 44 years and have an extensive collection. The Stuller website has more than 200,000 pieces! Take a look for yourself or let me help you narrow your search.

The right supplier for the right piece.

I also have an extensive network of smaller companies that provide premium, niche products. For example, I buy many of my chains from a Montreal-based company that specializes in Canadian-made pieces.

I recently helped a customer save 25% on a gold chain he had originally priced at People’s Jewellers. And because my chain was heavier — with more gold — he was even happier.

Doing more saves you more.

It’s not unusual for me to purchase the gold fittings from one supplier and the diamonds from another to ensure I’m delivering the highest-quality pieces for the best price. I’m happy to do the extra legwork and pass the savings onto you.