The specs.

This delicate engagement ring features a 0.50 ct round brilliant diamond with 18 small side diamonds. Set in 18k white gold. Total carat weight: ~0.60.

The story. 

He came to me with a clear idea – and a picture – of what he wanted: this ultra-feminine ring for his fiance. He also had a clear budget.

We adapted his chosen ring to make it more affordable and more practical.  To start, I made it with 18k gold, instead of the more-expensive platinum used in the inspiration ring.

And then I suggested we reduce the number of side diamonds from 36 to 18. The original design, with a second twist of diamonds on the lower half of the ring, was impractical for a few reasons:

  • The ring would be uncomfortable with the lower stones digging into the sides of her fingers.
  • The bottom diamonds were difficult to see, so their value was questionable.
  • And because the diamonds were so close to the bottom of the ring, it would be difficult to re-size later. Engagement & wedding rings are worn for many decades and need to be able to ‘grow’ over time.

Besides loving the look of the finished piece, my client appreciated the flexibility of my custom-design process.