Jewelry repair – Ottawa.

I’ve been a goldsmith for 30+ years and learned this trade from the best jewelers in the city. I’ve also worked as the jewelry repair technician for a number of local jewelry stores.

I offer a full range of jewelry repair services, including:

  • Redesigning old jewellery: including family heirlooms

Redesigning your old jewelry is the perfect way to breathe new life into valuable pieces that don’t suit your style.

Many customers come to me with the diamonds from their first engagement ring, a cherished piece they inherited or something that they just don’t wear anymore.

Creating a new design from an old piece is a wonderful way to honor and transform your history. And to get maximum value from your existing materials.

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  • Ring jewelry repair: ring sizing, re-tipping, re-setting stones, replacing shanks

Diamond engagement rings and wedding bands should be inspected annually. It’s best to use a jeweler who can look at the ring under magnification. This is a free service I offer. I look for worn claws, loose stones and other issues.

Other ring repairs include making rings smaller or larger, adding gold to rings that have worn thin, removing and polishing gemstones that are scratched.

  • Necklace & bracelet jewelry repair: fixing broken links & knotted chains

For the first 3 years of my career, I was almost completely focused on repairing chains. Most jewelers want to fix chains quickly and will fuse the broken link onto a working link. This creates a stiff section in the chain.

Decades ago, I challenged myself to learn how to repair links properly,  When I fix a chain, the broken links are like new again and actually work. No stiff sections or blobs of solder!

  • Finishing: polishing, engraving, rhodium plating

White gold jewelry needs regular rhodium plating to eliminate yellowing and keep it’s bright luster. My prices for plating are among the most reasonable in the city.

  • And much more.

If you have a jewelry repair job that’s not listed here, don’t hesitate to contact me for a quote.