Custom Made Jewelry

I specialize in custom jewelry that’s made to order. Using the latest computer design technology & 3D printing enables me to:

  • Easily refine your design until it’s perfect

  • Show you  exactly what you’ll get before you commit

  • Produce  items with more intricate detailing

  • Offer pricing that’s 20-40% less than retail. Read how.

  • Deliver consistently high quality

I’m also a distributor for a number of highly reputable manufacturers that offer premium-quality, ready-made pieces.

Custom Made Jewelry: My Process

I’m successful if you love your finished piece and you enjoyed the process. Together we’re creating something that is uniquely you & that will last a lifetime…it should be fun & exciting!

1. Start the design discussion

Whether you know exactly what you want or only have a vague idea, my process helps refine the design of your custom made jewelry. You can start in many ways:

  • Send photos or web links of a piece you like. If the design doesn’t have a copyright, I can make an exact replica. But most of my customers make small tweaks even to designs they love.

  • Show me the elements of several pieces that you want to combine into one.

  • Share your vision, even if you don’t have an example to show me. I’ll use rough sketches to get us going.

2. Establish a budget

I understand that talking budget can be difficult: sometimes you can’t narrow down what you want until you know how much it will cost. For that reason I:

  • Start with an initial price based on the preliminary design; knowing that as the piece is finalized, the price may change

  • Provide pricing for different variations — gold vs. platinum and diamonds of various sizes & quality. You should never feel awkward asking me to price more options.

  • Give practical guidelines on balancing quality and price when it comes to custom made jewelry. Up-selling & high-pressure tactics are not my style.

3. Finalize the custom piece

This is the stage where you commit – or not – to the new piece. We’ll:

  • Finalize the design using sketches, photos & computer drawings

  • Make a decision on the materials, both the metal (gold, platinum or a mix) and the stones (size & quality)

  • Agree to the final price. Typically it’s within 10% of the rough quote.

4. Approve before I produce

The goal is to have you love your new custom made jewelry the minute you see it. To make sure that happens, you will:

  • Sign-off on the final computer (CAD) design. A huge benefit of computer designs is how much they look like photos. You’ll see your piece from various angles, ensuring it’s perfect before we start production.

  • Inspect & approve the diamonds. Unless you’re buying a perfect stone, there will be flaws (called inclusions). I will point them out to you under magnification so you know exactly what you’re getting. I use highly-reputable diamond dealers – one based in Montreal, the other in Toronto– who sell to the best jewelry stores in Canada. The quality of their stones is impeccable.

5. Receive your new custom made jewelry!

The entire process takes 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the complexity of your custom piece & how many iterations are needed to finalize the design.

6. After-sales service

I’m not happy until you’re happy. Occasionally rings will need to be re-sized or chains shortened after delivery. These small tweaks – and more – are included in the price of your piece.