Affordable custom made jewelry

Many people believe that affordable custom jewelry is just not feasible. If it’s custom made, how can it possibly also be affordable?

How I save my customers 20 to 40% — and often more — on jewelry they’ve seen in stores or online is simple: I have low overhead costs & carry no inventory. This is an advantage over retail stores that pay rent, salaries, credit card fees and more.

The benefits of affordable custom jewelry:

  • Unlike retail jewelry that can’t be modified, my pieces are designed to be perfect for you.

  • Even if the piece you love is available in stores or online, having me custom make will save you money

  • I also have a wide network of suppliers that provide ready-made pieces, which I sell at near-wholesale prices.

Other ways to stretch your budget.

If you’re like me, you want to get the best value for your money.

I’ll give you practical advice on how to balance quality with price when choosing your diamonds, the precious metal and more. I’m more than happy to make suggestions that fit your budget…something you just won’t get from commissioned sales reps who are trained to upsell.

This blog post on moissanites — which are highly-realistic, synthetic diamonds — is an example of the kind of information I readily share. Not many jewelry stores will educate clients about stones that are as durable and brilliant as diamonds but cost 8-10 times less.