Denis Fairhead

Denis Fairhead

Who Am I?

I’m an Ottawa goldsmith with 30+ years experience. I create premium custom jewelry at affordable prices.

  • Previous owner of New Edinburgh Jewellers
  • 12 years with Goldform Manufacturing Jewellers
  • Repair technician for several retail jewellers in Ottawa

See some of my work below and my gallery here. Read about my custom design process and how I keep prices affordable.

My Promise

I will never compromise on quality. My Ottawa goldsmith business has grown through word-of-mouth: 90% of my customers are referrals. How they feel about the buying experience and the final product matters to me a lot.

My Philosophy

I’m successful if you love your finished piece and enjoyed the process. Together we’re creating something that is uniquely you & that will last a lifetime. The process should be fun & exciting!

My Latest Work

Personal Stuff

I was born and raised in Ottawa and got my start as a goldsmith in 1978 (where did the time go!). I spent many months teaching myself enough about the basics to be hired by Zacco Jewellers. In my first year with Zacco, I was almost completely focused on repairing chains.

To keep motivated, I challenged myself to learn how to repair chain links properly. Most jewelers want to fix chains quickly and will just fuse the broken link onto a working link. This creates a slightly stiff section in the chain. When I fix a chain, I reconnect the broken links so that they actually work properly. I take pride in the fact that there are no stiff sections or blobs of solder!

Throughout my career, with every new skill I learned, I’ve maintained this same attention to detail.

I’ve been incredibly lucky to work for some of the best goldsmiths in Ottawa, including Goldform Manufacturing Jewellers. I’ve also owned my own store in the New Edinburgh area of Ottawa. But now, working out of my home, I’m able to keep my overhead costs low. This is just one of the reasons why I’m able to pass on significant savings to my customers.

But my life isn’t just about jewelry. I love the outdoors and am an adrenalin junkie. In the winter I ski – downhill & cross country. And in the summer I love road riding and mountain biking. The bigger the hills, the better!